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Together with our research partners, KSBR Brand futures, we carried out in-depth audience immersion work in the constituencies of Heywood & Middleton, West Bromwich East, Burnley, North West Durham, and Wrexham, exploring attitudes to regulation and deregulation with swing voters – those who voted for the Conservatives for the first time in 2019, having for the most part voted Labour in previous elections. 

During the latter stage of research we focused particularly on the issues of food safety and climate change.

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“Having rules gives you a level, makes it a safe place. It protects our future and our children’s future. I think that’s why they’re really important.”

-Julie, 29, West Bromwich East

The Red Wall research hub

We have collected together research reports undertaken by other organisations that provide useful insights in relation to Red Wall voters. These span a variety of topics and areas of focus.

We hope that by creating a repository of this work we can help interested parties to access this research easily.

If you are aware of any other research that you think should be featured below, please get in touch.

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